The “What’s” Of Life

Days like this…

I catch myself thinking
about the “What If’s”

because I want to escape
“What Is” for a little while

and, for a moment in time,
not think about the question
“What happened?”



7 thoughts on “The “What’s” Of Life”

  1. You could not have nailed this more perfectly if you tried… I am overwhelmed with how beautifully you can create these flashes of wisdom. In that, I find myself more forgiving of the lapses. Instead of being angry, I see why I do it, then I accept I did it, and back we come. ❤

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    1. Reading this really has uplifted me! I’m so happy to hear that something I can say has helped you! You are only human. We have those moments, but it doesn’t mean we should beat ourselves up for it. You’re right. Instead of being angry about something we all do naturally, understand why you are doing it-accept it-and move forward.

      Thank you so much for sharing your words with me. You have no idea how humbled I am right now. 😁

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      1. ❤️❤️the feeling is entirely mutual! Call me a narcissist (I’m not hahahaha) but there is something so amazing when someone else’s words resonate in every part of me. It makes me feel so much less alone and inspired to keep it up. Thank you!!!!

        Please, keep up this incredible writing. You have a true gift, insightful pen, and you have wisdom sorely needed!!!

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      2. hahaha! You are FAR from a narcissist! I absolutely feel the same way. To be able to read someone’s words and feel as if their words are a mirror to your feelings is a wonderful feeling. None of us are really alone in this life. Life happens to all of us.

        Thank you for the encouragement and the warm words, my friend! They were very much needed and much appreciated. 😊

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